Getting Into The Portal

  1. Click Here To Go To Our Client Portal 

  2. Choose “I’m an existing client”

  3. Input the email address we have on file and click “email me a link”

  4. Check that inbox for the email “Sign in to your client portal” and sign in

Joining a Telehealth Call

Please read our helpful "Telehealth Guide" to connect to your therapist virtually. This will help answer any questions you might have regarding connecting with your computer/laptop or with your smartphone.​

Messaging Your Therapist

You can message securely with your therapist via our portal​​

  1. Once in the portal (see above), choose a profile if you have more than 1

  2. Click the white conversation bubble at the top of the page to message your therapist 

  3. They will receive your message like a text on their phone --our client management app alerts them

  4. You will get an email when they reply with a quick link that lets you bypass the login process for 24 hours, enabling you to see and reply 

  5. Please note that our online booking will prompt you to call the office regarding appointments in the next 48 hours but you can message your therapist directly as well.

  6. For more help click here.

Couples Counseling Handouts

  1. Click Here for easy access to the Gottman handouts we often use.

Perinatal Referrals and Resources

  1. Click Here for a link to our local perinatal referrals and resources.