Dear Aetna, Horizon, and BCBS Members:

If your normal copay or session fees had been waived for covid-19, please read on.  The expiration date for many Aetna plans was 9/30/2020 and for Horizon/BCBS it was 8/31/20.  Both carriers are extending the waiver for some members, but your plan administrator can opt out of that extension. 

This means that some clients may again owe their copays or even the full session fee if you are meeting a deductible.  RCC is unable to check your status online. 

We want everyone to get the full benefits of potentially free therapy, but we hate surprising clients with bills a month or two later.  

Here's what you should do to find out if your waiver is being extended:

Call the member services number on the back of your card and say:  "I am currently receiving tele-behavioral health services and I heard that some copay waivers are being extended.  Are my costs still waived?  If so, when does my cost-share waiver expire?"  (If they ask to confirm that your provider is in-network, check Melissa Schneider, LCSW, Resolution Counseling Center's practice owner & billing provider.)  

Email our office at with any updates.  

Do You Have a Card On File?  Our new System is Smart

As long as you have a card on file in our new system (e.g. the one we switched to on 9/1) then we will NOT resume collecting your copay just because your waiver status is uncertain.  We will submit claims to your insurance company and if they come back showing you owe your fees again, our system will create automatically create an invoice and collect your patient responsibility. 

If you have not added a card to the new system please click here to access your portal and add one.  The Documents tab will pop up.  Click "Credit Card Information" to add.

Unexpected Charges and Balances:  Insurance carriers often process claims incorrectly.  If you see invoice errors, just email us at and ask us to investigate.  We can resubmit your claim, call your carrier, and refund you if the balance was incorrect.  If corrected claims come back, our system is smart enough to create a credit that it will use before collecting any future copays from you.

Thank you for your patience as our office navigates this complicated insurance season!

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