Dear Aetna, Horizon/BCBS and United Members:

Your normal copay or patient responsibility (including deductible and coinsurances) may be waived for telehealth counseling sessions during the covid-19 state of emergency.  Only you can check your status AND your waiver status could change at any time.  Read on.

We want all our clients to get the full benefits of potentially free therapy, but we hate surprising you with bills a month or two later. 

Here's what you should do to find out if your fees are waived and when that waiver expires:

Call the member services number on the back of your insurance card and say:  "I am currently receiving (or scheduling) tele-behavioral health services and I heard that some fees are being waived/some waivers are being extended.  Are my costs currently waived?  If so, when does my waiver expire?"  (If they ask to confirm that your provider is in-network, check Melissa Schneider, LCSW (practice owner) or Resolution Counseling Center.)  

Expiration dates vary:  Aetna members have various expiration dates, usually at the end of the month, while Horizon members are told that waivers will continue until "90 days after the state of emergency is lifted in New Jersey."  So if NJ lifts the emergency July 1, you're waived until Oct 1, 2021.  

BUT not every member is waived:  Your plan administrator (e.g. employer) can opt out of the waivers.  There's no way to know without calling.

Your Fees at RCC:  We are just the middle man.  We will collect your copay at the time of session and will submit the claim to your insurance company.  If you have a deductible or coinsurance, we do not collect anything, we submit claims and wait for them to come back.  In both cases, your insurance company sends back processed claims showing your "patient responsibility" (e.g. your out of pocket cost) and our system automatically collects that fee or creates a credit to your account.  The system will use any existing credits first before collecting a future fee.

Unexpected Charges and Balances:  Insurance carriers have been mis-processing waivers for months.  If you see invoice errors, just email us at and ask us to investigate.  We can check that your claim was sent in properly and can guide you in calling your carrier to resolve processing errors (see our tip sheet for getting claims re-processed.)

Thank you for your patience as our office navigates this complicated insurance season!