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Starting therapy is a commitment to yourself and your wellness and all the details can feel a little daunting. In this section, we address how therapy works at RCC, what to expect, and other frequently asked questions.



How do I book my first appointment?

We’ve tried to make this one easy! Hop on over to the Team Page, read some bios, and look for the “Book Now” button under the first several clinicians’ names. Therapists with “Book Now” buttons are taking new clients so click that button to see which weekly session times they are offering. Once you find a therapist and a time that works, click the desired appointment time and follow the prompts to reserve that time.  If none of our Book Now therapists are the right fit, you can click “Join Waitlist” to be added to our practice waitlist where you can indicate which therapist(s) you want to see in the future.


How much does therapy cost?

Many clients pay $0-35 per session but it depends. Some clients owe a copay or coinsurance while other clients owe the full session fee while reaching their deductible. Our Client Engagement Team will collect your insurance information, check your coverage, and send a cost estimate for your approval before your first session. We strongly recommend you also call your insurance directly to confirm your coverage using our list of questions.


Do you take my insurance?

Our center is in-network with Aetna, Meritain, UMR, Continental, Cigna, Horizon, BCBS, Anthem, Empire, United Healthcare, Optum, Oxford, and 1199 plans. We are out of network with GHI, Amerihealth and others but we can check your out of network coverage and submit claims on your behalf. We do not accept NJ Family Care, Medicaid, Medicare, and Tricare Plans and are not able to submit claims for these plans. We are in the process of joining Medicare--coming soon!


How can I start a second service at RCC?

You have three options.  

  • Work directly with your current therapist at the end of a session to choose the right provider for the second service. Your therapist can recommend a colleague, find available appointment times, put a hold on the other provider’s calendar, and get your second profile created on the back end. This will save you some setup time.  

  • Call our office at 201-632-5554 to explain that you are a current client wanting to start a second service at RCC. The admin team can help you choose a new provider, reserve a weekly appointment time, and get your second profile created on the back end. This will save you some setup time.  

  • Request an appointment directly through our New Client Portal with the second provider.  This will create a new profile which means you’ll need to add your card and fill out your contact info again.


Who can I contact for billing questions?

You can reach our billing team Mon-Fri via phone or text at 201-212-6475 or by email at


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